No matter how scary it may seem, I can promise you that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will change your life forever

I often wonder why there is fear in the world. Is it some ancient survival instinct that is somehow still deeply rooted in us? But what is there to be afraid of in today’s modern world? I believe that without fear, we are not really living and without conquering fear, we are not really living life to the fullest.

I knew deep down that for a long time I was too comfortable in my life. I used to be constantly afraid of trying new experiences even with things as simple as tasting new foods or meeting new people. There would have been no way to convince me to contribute to a blog like this. I was living in a bubble and never putting myself in uncomfortable situations because I was too afraid. Yet, this is exactly how I believe we grow as human beings. By putting myself in situations I am not comfortable with, I get a better insight into who I am and who I want to become.

Moving to Australia for six months has taught me that my fears have been holding me back and by pushing myself out of my comfort zone I have learned to say yes to new experiences.


University of Western Australia

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