Studying in Zurich: the sacrifice for getting a good education

I was studying Medicine in my home country Cosovo and then moved permanently to Germany in order to continue my studies there. Now I’m here in Zurich for a year. Why all these changes? Well, you probably know, Cosovo is a small country and faces a lot of issues. There aren’t many good hospitals and the financial resources for education and medical research are limited. Don’t get me wrong, Cosovo is not a bad country at all but we just do not have the same opportunities as you guys here in Switzerland or in Germany.

If I did not study abroad my life would have headed in a different direction. I would have never had the option to become a top medical researcher. Since I was a little child, I wanted to save people and cure diseases. It’s all about helping others. This motivation pushed me to work as hard as possible in order to be able to move to different countries and receive a better education. I find it sad that not everybody has the same access to education. Luckily, I was able to transfer to Germany and now I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to study here in Zurich for a year.

I couldn’t choose where I was born but with hard work and a bit of luck I got the possibility to make my dreams come true – and one day I will become a great medical researcher who helps people all over the world.


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