We’re always in a good mood, but today we are in an especially good one. We enjoy going to this pre-ski-challenge between ETH and EPFL every year. It is already a tradition for us two

Two years ago, we both competed against each other. Man, the toughest three minutes of our lives! Jumping obstacles like car wheels, running up-stairs, skidding down the iceberg...  

And then all the yells from the background: “You EPFL are losers” or “You from ETH stink!”. The rivalry is really present between the different schools, even more between different generations. We had to have a thick skin. You don’t participate in this kind of event if you don’t like to compete. Challenge accepted! That was our motto! 

The pre-challenge is supposed to qualify the best 25 students from each university. The price would be a four-day long ski trip. So, we had to win this pre-challenge for the mini-vacation, and it was absolutely worth it – Skiing at day, partying at night.   

To be honest, we only wanted to compete because of all the parties. At least that was our initial motivation. At one of these parties, we met and became friends. It is funny, even though the rivalry is perceived during the pre-challenge-selection, it disappears during the ski trip and even more at night. In the club it doesn’t matter anymore from which school you are, if you are a newcomer or an exchanger [substitute for another person] – you interact with all people, from all generations, because you like to have a good time.  

You should try too!


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