I have a sibling who is non-binary and if they ever come to university, where do they pee? And what about our male colleague who just got a baby and can’t access the baby’s changing table, be

We see it as a major problem that the University of Zurich is not providing all-gender/family toilets. To change that, we started a petition that demands restrooms with family-friendly infrastructure that are accessible to everyone. UZH still thinks, that this is only the concern of a handful of people, but with the Petition, we are demonstrating that there’s broad support and solidarity.

UZH needs gender-neutral toilets, first, to show that we acknowledge and respect the existence of all forms of gender identities. And second, to provide a safe place for everyone who might experience stress due to the fear of being discriminated in binary restrooms. People who don’t look like a typical man or woman or use a restroom that does not match society’s expectation, experience a lot of hostility, verbal and physical violence. We know this is happening and we know, this is traumatizing – there’s a lot of research confirming that.

This is not about putting changing tables into every single toilet, it is not about making every toilet gender-neutral. It’s about having at least one place per building, where everyone, no matter what gender they identify with, can go and pee in peace.

And dear UZH: This is not an issue that will disappear. Even if you ignore this problem today, there’s an entire generation coming to Uni soon for whom the idea of gender as a spectrum will be normal. It will come up over and over again. So better start making changes now.

What can you do? Sign our Petition and share it in group-chats etc.


UZH Oerlikon

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