Just a few days before I was supposed to leave my home in Spain for one year and start my Erasmus at UZH, I had an accident

I lost a lot of blood and severely injured my liver. I’ve been longing to go on Exchange and was really enthusiastic about spending a year studying abroad. Now it was suddenly unclear if I could go at all. I was devastated.

When my doctor told me that I could go, I was on cloud nine. However, there were still challenges ahead. My liver still needed a lot of rest. I did not imagine spending the first months of my Erasmus year in Hospital! I was unable to explore, socialize or go out with friends during the first weeks. 

Now, the first half of my Exchange Year is already over. I’ve fully recovered and am now enjoying my life to the fullest in Zurich. I’m learning a lot about the world through travelling. Not only academically of course! I’m meeting awesome people, and then have to let them go again. The most important lesson I’ve learned during my Erasmus year so far is that you have to take care of yourself first. Because if you don’t, no one else will. There will be challenges, things might not go as expected. Just like this accident, that made the start of my exchange year a lot harder for me. Yet going through that, I’ve found that there’s always a way to manage your life so that you can make the best out of every situation for yourself.


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