And who would have thought i ended up in the swiss iTunes charts? Definitely not me!

On 06.11.20, I released a single called ‘By Your Side’ for the Coop Christmas campaign and I am extremely happy with the doors it seems to be opening so far.

To be honest - I would not really describe myself as person who cares for charts. But I guess people can always believe in their opinions until the very same suddenly get shaken. And that definitely has happened to me. Because when my song started closing in on the top ten, it did make me care. A lot. At present (06.12.20), my song is Number 2 of the Swiss iTunes Charts and yeah, that is pretty overwhelming. 2020 might have started bumpy but it clearly took a turn to the positive for me.

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is, that surely the future of our happiness and sanity lies within creativity. The facade of society was cracked - everything can be taken away within a day. So why not pursue what truly makes you happy? Find whatever it is that truly exhilarates you and do your best to make this your reality. I wish for everyone to find their way through this mess.

We haven’t reached the end of 2020 quite yet – so let's all try to make it the best december of our lives.


  • Argyle, Nachwuchs Musiker


Hier geht's zu seinem Chart Song.



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