"There are only two solutions to this problem: either you leave the game and lose or you start playing it properly and get everything you ever wanted"

this is a small taste of our play The Forest. Isabel and I are both Shakespeare aficionados, passionate writers, and members of the English student theatre group Blueprint Masquerades. This is how our play The Forestcame to be. It is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with an eco-horror twist. At first, we tried writing the first act separately and then combining our versions. However, we came to the realisation that we preferred to actively write the play together. We finished each other’s sentences and when one of us ran out of ideas, the other one could seamlessly jump in. Obviously, theatre is not only about the play. There are many other aspects to it such as producing, acting, stage and costume design, the band and marketing. Our group is a safe space where students can let their creative spirits run free. We are not experts, but we have a lot of love for what we do. All our creativity, diligence and group effort really proved themselves last semester when we had to postpone our play significantly due to Covid 19. We also had a change of stage which meant we had to adapt and improvise, but that did not really matter as we were just grateful to have found a place which let us perform despite Corona regulations. After this acid test, we look forward to a smoother rehearsing and producing period, although Corona of course still keeps us on our feet. Currently we are looking for new ways of making theatre in accordance with the Corona restrictions. So, keep your eyes peeled for spring 2021!

  • Carmen, English and Musicology, UZH

ETH Polyterrasse

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