During my geography studies in Belgium I was very interested in climate change. It’s a huge problem, probably the number one problem in today’s society. Because it’s a worldwide issue, it’s a

Every person who is able to should do something against it. But also the governments have to do as much as possible in order to influence people’s everyday life.
The Government of Belgium is doing okay, but there is still a lot of work to do. Here’s a classic example: If a minister stands up for an idea related to an environmental topic, he probably wouldn’t be reelected afterwards. If more people are aware of climate change, then politicians can come up with better ideas that are also easier to implement.
I am not sure if mankind will react in time. We have to hurry: based on scientific evidence, the future does not look too bright. We need to accelerate the actions we are already taking. Everybody is responsible for our environment and for our planet, and should feel this way.
Comment of the editor: Watch our "green christmas" again...

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