It's my first Christmas and New Year’s Eve away from family. I’m from Seattle, but I’m born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's fun to see how surprised some people were to realize that I w

I’m here in Zurich now for three months. I’m an undergraduate, so I’m doing my bachelors. I’m taking semester classes in computer science at ETH.
Coming to Zurich was actually my first time ever leaving the US besides going to Canada (but that doesn't really count). 
I was surprised to find how similar things in Europe are to the US. It's the little things that are different, like the bus and trains always showing up on time. In Seattle, the buses seem to show up at random times and you always have to check way in advance to catch it.
At home, at this time of the year I usually go home to Las Vegas for holidays, where both my parents and sister currently live. My parents always cook a big dinner on Christmas and New Year's eve. Sometimes, we have some friends over and it's a lot of fun to just spend time eating and relaxing with people you love.
This will be my first Christmas and New Year's Eve away from my family and they're the ones I'm going to miss the most. I'll be leaving on the 24th to London, so I'll be spending Christmas over there. I'm meeting up with some friends from the US. We're gonna travel around London and Paris together! I'll be back in Zurich on New Year's Eve. I don't have any plans set yet for New Year's Eve, but I think I'll just play it by ear. It's always more fun that way!

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