Today I saw a couple of guys lying together on a big blue bed, just in the middle of the University of Zurich. I can imagine that the bed is placed in your university to say: “Hey, do not onl

This is awesome and definitely missing at the university in Lugano, where I study. We would not have enough space for it anyway. The university of Lugano is much smaller. I know most of the people who study there and it is easy to talk to random people and get to know them. It is important for me to feel home at my university, because nowadays it seems like everyone is so disconnected. It looks for me like the students in Zurich are more dispersed. I feel small here, but that happens to me a lot. If you want to be in a top university you are not going to end up in a familiar one. You need to know your priorities.

I also studied in Australia and in the United Kingdom and there are always people looking for new connections, but sometimes they end up quite lonely, because they are not used to talk to people. That is why it is great what you do, showing the people behind the faces of your university. It is probably needed in the University of Zurich, where people come first of all to study and not to hang out.


UZH Zentrum

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