18. Mai 2020

11 Fragen an jemanden, der sich entschied, (noch) nicht zur Uni zu gehen: Nachwuchs-Musiker Argyle Singh ...

Sende ein Geschenk!

  1. Is there anything you think you missed out on by not going to Uni?

Apart from financial security, no. Committing to anything from a young age has its ups and downs.


  1. Why the lack of regret?

If I hadn’t run away to Amsterdam as a teenager my life probably wouldn’t have been half as amazing as it is right now and I might have never found my way with music and travelling.


  1. Any nostalgic memories from your days back at school?

I failed in taking authorities seriously. And I was born with the gift of selective hearing - I would excel in the classes where I liked the teacher and be thrown out of the ones where I thought they maybe should have been wiped on the curtains rather than standing in front of a class.


  1. Charming. And what wouldn’t have changed?

I guess I’d still be sleeping on random couches, hungover, scratching my arse and writing songs about all those women who broke my heart.


  1. What would you tell someone who dislikes their studies?

Today’s society puts a lot of pressure on young people to strive for financial success, but the truth is we are in such a privileged position to be able to study in the first place, and I think it’s a sin to spend your days doing something you don’t even like.


  1. Draw us the picture of a perfect student.

Go out have fun, dance, get drunk, or whatever your thing is. But apply yourself and be grateful. Good luck with all that at the same time though.


  1. What made you chose your current path?

I’m gonna go with the cheesy answer: it made me feel special. And I always did what I wanted to do – that was the freedom I had. Or took.


  1. Tell us about your music.

The music you find online was recorded when I was 19 - I am recording in Zurich as we speak. It will be a modern product of all my influences of folk/soul/blues/rock, and even a couple piano ballads brought together with a bit more of a vintage vibe. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2UZcESh


  1. Would you consider writing a song about students?

Never thought about it.


  1. Consider it. Who did you write a song about then – apart from all the women?

The favorite song of mine which I wrote is called ‘Whisky’ which is an ironic song about playing music for the kind of people you don’t like.


  1. Charming once more. Any message to the people out there?

If there were any message I could pass on through my limited existence, it would simply be to build your life around what makes you happy. No judgement if you have to stop reading this to puke for a second.


I will try not to. Thanks for your time.